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Care International

UX Designer
December 2015 - January 2016
Project title:

Charity registration and events listing

Project description:

My role as a UX designer involved working on the known charity foundation where my integral work will be accessed NGO-wide to hundreds of users.

As a UX designer, I involved working with the charity foundation, essentially their hub for accessing everything to do with the charity login and registration, from creating and managing the event.

My work helped the charity to evolve and optimise their platform and pushed it in an exciting and more exciting direction.

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  • Identifying the needs of the user and distilling their insights into my design process.


  • Identifying problems and advocating solutions.


  • Produce sketches, wireframe, and Axure prototype to be tested internally.


  • It is collaboratively working with other designers and developers to ensure consistent design experience across all CRM platform.

Charities listing and account verification

Axure prototype link:
My role:
Mobile prototype:

More prototype

Admin control, user registration, event creating and event listing

Axure share:

Task Model

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