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Department of Education

UX Designer
October 2017 - June 2019
Project title:

Calculate Funding Service

Calculate funding service allows DfE to calculate and deliver £64 billion funding allocation to the schools and colleges in England.

Calculate Funding Service.png

User Interaction Model

User journey and user interaction model for six different user groups within the Calculate funding service.


Creating a funding specification

Funding Specification.png

"Managing the funding policy."

Traditionally funding policy details are managed on excel, and word documents and the documents shared around the organisation for approval.

View more information on created funding specification

"More details and actions on the funding policy."

User can manage funding policy statuses, view previous versions, duplicating the policy document and more information about the created policy.


Creating funding policy structure


"Details about the policy is captured within the policy specification"

Funding calculation code editor 

User can create and test calculation for a funding stream

C1-1 – 1.png

Knowledge source

CF – 2.png

Dashboard for Key Performance indicator for the service

Performance dashboard.png
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