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UX Designer
July 2017 - August 2017
Project title:

Discovery Phase - ESFA's Customer Engagement

As a Service Designer, I was responsible for collaborating with other user researchers to produce Consumer engagement Service model within ESFA business communication connection between an external stakeholder (consumer) and an organisation through various channels of correspondence.

Service User Group.png
My role:

  • Working with user researchers, project board and subject matter experts in the discovery phase to understand user needs and map out the user journey of the project.

  • Participating in research with both internal ESFA stakeholders and users of ESFA services.

  • Identifying the existing customer engagement and proposing new customer-centred engagement focused on the needs of the user for ESFA services.

  • Presenting the scope of the service we want to build on show-and-tell to the senior stakeholders to begin building the service and understand our plans.

  • Collaboratively work with the project board to decide the features your ‘minimum viable product’.

  • Deliver service user journey and user stories.

How customer engagement works in ESFA

The diagram shows the multiple ways in which service users engage with ESFA, showing the common user needs across all user group and which ESFA business areas fulfil these needs.

As is it Map.png

Understanding the customer pain point

For PPT.png
User Scenario Employer 2.png

Proposed customer journey

User Journey.png
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